I am well aware that for almost every woman, the idea of a nude photo session seems somewhat daunting. But when you actually do it, you will discover that it is only the idea that is daunting, and that in reality it turns out to be a very enjoyable, liberating and confidence-building experience. This is evident from Gok Wan’s “How to Look Good Naked” programmes on Channel 4. If you don't believe me, take a look at the “client’s testimonials” page to see what they have said. For example:

“Thank you so much for such a great day – I really surprised myself and still can't believe that I did it! It feels like such a surreal experience! It has given me so much confidence in myself.”
For my nude photo sessions, I don't expect you just to come into the studio, take your clothes off and say "photograph me"! I like to prepare you and myself properly so that we get the best results. Everyone is different and likes different types of photos. Some clients are relatively shy and modest; others are a bit more adventurous.The type of pictures that people want can vary widely, and often they don't really know what they want until they actually have the session.

For all nude photography sessions, provided that it is practicable, it is always useful to meet beforehand, at no charge and no obligation, to discuss your wishes and have a look at ideas together. I have collected together a very large "ideas bank" so I can show you many ideas that you hadn't thought of. As the nude is such a wonderfully versatile subject when treated imaginatively, there are many different ways one can approach it.

I also like to discover if there is anything special about you or your partner that we might bring into the photos, eg a musical instrument or a hobby. We can then decide together exactly what sort of pictures you would like – clothes (half-worn perhaps), accessories, props, etc – so that when you come for the actual session, we will both be properly prepared. What is equally important, we will not be strangers so you will be much more comfortable with me. If you have any ideas of your own, perhaps from magazines, books, classic art works, etc, we can perhaps explore how to recreate and adapt them for you. I have found that this planning procedure works extremely well - we are both better prepared and so you get more out of it.

Sometimes of course a consultation meeting is not possible, for example if you don't live reasonably near. Some of my clients have come from very far away - from Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Herefordshire, Lancashire; and even from Ohio, Mississippi and Indonesia! The clients from abroad did not travel across the oceans specially but fitted in a day with me as part of a visit to the UK. For these we still had a consultatation process, but we had to plan the sessions rather differently.

During the session, you will be surprised to find out how quickly you forget any thoughts of self-consciousness and enjoy exploring the beauty of your naked body. It's a wonderfully liberating and worthwhile experience creating beautiful nude photographs that reveal the real you – read my "clients' testimonials" page. What's more, it's great fun! You will find that you feel really good about yourself and for the rest of your life you will be very proud of the images we produce together.

I always set aside a whole day for my nude sessions as I know you are likely to find yourself enjoying yourself so much that you won't want to stop! A typical session would involve up to 5 or 6 hours of photography, with a break for a snack lunch (free of charge). This might cost you less than £100, and certainly not much more, as my charges are extremely modest. Within that time we will produce a wide range of very different images so that we will be able to create a varied album as well as images suitable for framing and more public display.

A nude photo session is an exhilarating and empowering experience. If you have seen Gok Wan’s Channel 4 TV series "How to Look Good Naked", you will have seen how it also has the added and perhaps unexpected benefit of boosting confidence, usually much to the surprise of his subjects, who discover that there is really nothing to fear about being photographed naked. I want to make you look really beautiful so that you feel amazing about yourself.

“Taking your clothes off is as much about your mind as your body. So here I am at feisty forty, celebrating my bare naked self. And it feels fabulous!”